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Social Media Addiction

Due to its effects on the brain, social media is addictive both physically and psychologically. According to a new study by Harvard, self-disclosure on social networking sites […]

Is Social Media Bad for You?

  Since social media is comparatively new to us, conclusive findings are limited. The research that does exist mainly relies on self-reporting, which can often be flawed, […]

Why Use Social Media?

Social media sites have become invaluable tools in education, marketing, and communication for the University of Cumbria, your personal brand, and your future employer(s). Social media plays […]

Why use social media?

Social networking websites have become valuable resources in education, promotion, and communication, such as the University of Cumbria, your own business name, and your prospective employer(s). Social […]

The Role of Social Media

Social networking plays a major role in our lives now, and everything that’s so widely expanded has both negative and positive aspects. The power of social networking […]

How Social Media Benefits Us

Social networking is a popular tool these days, thanks to its user-friendly capabilities. Social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others, provide individuals with […]