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COD Facebook Community : Finding Bonus Codes and Useful Insights

In Real Time Strategy (RTS) games like Call of Dragons, game developers typically give bonus rewards for all players, whether they are free-playing or paying to play. Developers do so by activating Call of Dragons (COD) Promo Codes, which constitute tons of free building supplies, gems and other critical resources. Aside from COD Guide websites, players can also obtain promo Redemption Codes at the Facebook COD account.

Significance of COD Bonuses and Promo Redemption Codes

More often than not, developer Legou activates the redemption codes in time for special holidays, or to mark the release of a fresh update. All Call of Dragon players are encouraged to redeem the promo codes because of the free speedup rates, the gems and other valuable items to use, are definitely of great help. They increase the values of whatever progress players make in the game, especially when in the throes of intense online battles.

What is more important though is to learn the techniques and methods of effectively managing and spending one’s resources. That way, a player can progress in the game in ways that will empower him to have control over his faction, as well as victoriously prevail in player versus player (PVP) and player versus enemy (PVE) battles.
While there are COD guide sites that furnish tips and strategies, which new players use as reference when gathering resources and building structures for one’s faction, they should also consider joining the Call of Dragons Community at Facebook.

Joining the Facebook Call of Dragons Community

COD gamers who pioneered the game as beta players shared experiences on how they managed to get far and achieve progress with their goals and missions. Not a few agree that for starters, it’s more beneficial to join the League of Order faction. Mainly because there are incredible farming resources available to neophyte COD players who are focused on growing.

First off, with the League of Order, a newbie will join the human faction, and have Waldyr as his main hero. In combination to Waldyr’s big help in farming neutral areas at a faster pace, this Water Hero has access to the Trees that make him a formidable opponent in PvP battlefields. There is the Magic Tree that gives Waldyr powerful magic to use in long-range assaults. There are also the PvP Tree and the Skill Tree that increase the effectiveness of Waldyr’s rage skill while in the later stage battles of the game. Beta players often mention in Facebook Community discussions that Magic Trees provide the most successful assistance during battles because they can form barricades that take out opponents before they can get close.

Actually, those are only the tip of the iceberg so to speak, as there’s a broad range of in-game experiences shared by beta players at the Call of Dragons FB Community site during the trial and testing stages of the game.