Facebook For Parents

Your Social Media Marketing Ideas


Click the Facebook Subscribe Button – Social networking is all about connecting with people you know, be they friends, colleagues or industry leaders. On Facebook, the simplest way to contact someone is to send a Friend Request. Through this feature, Facebook users may now decide to sign up for a person with no necessity for that individual to accept their buddy request.

Facebook has made it simple for users to follow somebody on Facebook that isn’t necessarily their friend. This is achieved through the Subscribe button. For anybody you choose to subscribe to, you can be selective concerning the posts you see in that individual on your news feed. As soon as you’ve subscribed to someone’s profile (or Timeline) you can decide on the number of upgrades and the types of updates you want to see.

Besides posts, it is also possible to choose the kinds of upgrades to see on your FB news feed. This can either be photographed by a specific friend, no stories or games from different people, all types or nothing whatsoever from someone else. In regards to VIPs such as actors, politicians, journalists, and athletes, it is possible to subscribe to their pages without needing to be friends with them.