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The Impact of Social Media on Student Life

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Today’s world is a global village, with everyone connected to each other through the vast network generated by the internet. So, how do these networks affect our education? How do they influence the lives of students?

Humans are social animals, always preferring to remain in some group or another, and we value following what the group does. All of our traditions and cultures are the product of this group-oriented aspect of our nature. Even our self-esteem comes after this social dependence. This is the main reason why billions of people use social networking to stay connected, make friends, and satisfy their social needs.

These numbers indicate how much the student community is involved in this virtual world of social networking. There are many reasons why students like to spend time socializing. They like to make new friends and learn about the lives of different people. Students can create other online identities that the real world does not allow. However, this has a darker side that has gained the attention of many parents and even eminent psychologists all over the world. One of the biggest problems is the mental health issues that constant social networking produces.

Many psychologists are worried about the mental health that our present generation may face today. The lives of people, especially students, are largely influenced by what is posted by others on their profiles. The habits that students learn are decided more by what their friends do and less by the teachings of parents or professors. Our students have become susceptible to frequent fluctuations in mood and self-control. If one of a student’s friends posted about their current relationship with someone, then other friends are pressured to do the same thing. Consistently thinking this way can sometimes lead to depression.