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Why Kids are Addicted to Social Media

Many parents are aware that their teenage children can get completely addicted to social media and buying instagram followers. With the different websites and social media platforms available, adolescents can sometimes spend the whole day hooked to their devices. While I don’t necessarily support kids’ reasoning for spending all day on social media, informing others is a worthy objective to have when attempting to raise awareness about the possible detrimental effects of social media.

One of the first explanations that comes to mind when discussing why our age is addicted to social media is most likely the Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO. While some people don’t mind being the first to view a new post by someone famous at school or even a celebrity, kids frequently pay close attention to their phones in order to see and comprehend what’s going on in the realm of pop culture.

Another reason teens nowadays are obsessed with social media is that their profiles heavily influence how they look to others. That is, the more likes and/or followers someone has, the more popular and envious they appear to others. Some teenagers may be continuously on social media sites looking for more followers, improving their postings, or finding a means to increase the number of likes on their posts.

Another reason kids may become addicted to social media is the ease with which they can contact with their pals, regardless of where they are. With the touch of a few keys, youngsters of my generation may share photographs to each other on Snapchat, as well as gossip and communicate via DMs (direct messaging) or IMs (instant messaging).

A last reason why kids may spend so much time on social media or their phones in general is to escape boredom. Too many times, during adult dinner parties or get-togethers, my sister and I choose to spend our time on our phones and reading through social media rather of simply sitting there doing nothing.