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What’s Facebook hashtag – Facebook has advanced onto the “#hashtag” craze, which originally started by Twitter in 2009. With Hashtag help, the user can now add dynamic, personal generated tagging that it makes simple and easy for others to search or find your specific post.

So what’s a hashtag? Simple, it is a keyword, or at least that is what it was created as. You may use the “#hashtag” to highlight or accentuate the subject you’re discussing. Used correctly they’re a fantastic way to build the brand or get out your topic there. But used in surplus just look silly, and a few of the tags which are coming along are downright ridiculous. I mean really, do you believe people will look Twitter (or Facebook) for a number of those strings? No of course not, all you achieve is diminishing the quality of articles in what I would suggest a maximum of 90 characters (to allow for improved re-tweeting).