How Social Media Affects Teen Mental Health

For most adolescents, social websites can become almost addictive. In a study by investigators in the UCLA brain mapping center, they discovered that certain areas of adolescent brains became triggered by “enjoys” on social networking, sometimes making them need to use social networking longer.

Throughout the research, researchers employed an fMRI scanner to image the minds of 32 teens since they used a false social networking program resembling Instagram. The teens were revealed over 140 pictures where”enjoys” were thought to be out of their own peers. On the other hand, the likes were really assigned by the study team.

Because of this, the brain scans demonstrated that along with quite a few areas, the nucleus accumbens, a portion of their mind’s reward circuitry, was particularly lively when they watched a high number of enjoys in their own photographs. According to investigators, this region of the mind is exactly the identical area that reacts when we see images of people that we love or once we win cash.

Researchers state this rewarding area of the brain is very sensitive through the adolescent years, which might explain why teenagers are attracted to social websites.

In a different region of the research, researchers could observe a correlation between social networking and peer influence. Participants in the research have revealed both unbiased photographs and insecure photographs. What they discovered is that the sort of picture had no effect on the amount of enjoys given by teenagers in the research.

Rather they were likely to strike “such as” on the favorite pictures no matter what they revealed. Researchers consider this behavior proves that peers could have both a negative and positive effect on other people when using social networking.